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Hey everyone!

My birthday is coming up! I'm not sure I'll be doing anything too interesting but we'll see. I'll probably have dinner with my friends/family at the least. :) Going to spoil myself with more sketching/reading/hobbies.

Been super busy so sorry for the lack of updates. If you want more daily updates from me, check out my twitter or blogs below! I update those far more regularly than here. I've also been doing more sketching and messing around with watercolors than I've been illustrating lately. Those go up on my blogs or twitter. lol

Been going on some interviews for a full time job recently so that's been tiring. Also trying to work on finishing a novel I'm working on and am super close to getting the ending done for the 2nd draft. I've also been reading a lot more recently since it's fun and relaxing. That just spurs my motivation to write more. lol So there's that pattern.

I think that's the gist of it for me lately. Hope you all have been doing well!



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Oh people! *shuffles excitedly*
United States
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GalenaLarkin Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Professional Writer
Hello! It was nice seeing you at Glass City Con. I was the chick with the black and pink "I (oo) NP" shirt. I'll definitely be looking through your gallery. Have a good one :)
aisazia Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Hi! Thanks for commenting! Yes! I do remember you! :D Sorry for the slow response. Got busy after Glass City Con. >_<;; Thanks for looking through! Hope you have a great one too! :D
GalenaLarkin Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Professional Writer
No problem. I've been busy myself. Keep up the great work with your art.
aisazia Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
Thanks! I will! *salutes* I appreciate it! Hope to see you around!
MRNeno Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Professional General Artist
It was great to meet you at the Pickerington Library Big Comic Show. Wish I would have made some money so I could buy some stuff! Here's my DeviantArt gallery:

And here's the Viz news about the complete, uncut Sailor Moon!…
aisazia Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
Thanks for finding me! I haven't had a chance to go look yet. Might not for a bit either. It was great to meet you as well! I know, I feel the same way but it was still cool to meet everyone. :) I'll add you too!

Awesome! Thanks for the link! :D
Edann Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
Hey! I'd like to thank you again for the inked chibi commission you did for me at Matsuricon, it's great! I'm still looking for a place to display it and also having some tech troubles when I try to get it onto my hard drive. But until then I've propped it up next to my computer!
aisazia Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
No problem! I'm so glad you liked it! lol It's ok, I understand that. I wish I had enough space for all the artwork I want to put up. XD Sounds great! Let me know where you decide to put it up! Also I've done so many chibis, can you remind me who you are again? I think I have a good idea who you are but I don't want to be mistaken. lol Thanks for leaving me a comment! :)
Edann Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
Oh! Um, I'm not sure if I'm the one you're thinking of, but I was the one with the backpack and Umbreon hat! I hope that helps. Right now it's still sitting in its baggie as I slowly start organizing my con stuff but I think I have a spot for it.
aisazia Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
Oh ok! I remember you! Yeah sorry you weren't the person I was thinking of. XD Yes that really helps, I remember the Umbreon hat. :) That's ok, I hope you find a good place for it. I still have to sort through my stuff as well. Thanks for the watch! I'd watch back but it seems you don't really post anything. :(
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