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July 4, 2011
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JCP: Mission 1.1 Wingmen by aisazia JCP: Mission 1.1 Wingmen by aisazia
Mission 1.1 - Friends

Created for :iconjoint-comic-project: group! :D

To get an idea of what happened prior, click this [link] . lol It's the two troublemakers making cat calls to girls to get attention. XD I thought of this after I already had most of this image done. Thought it would make sense. lol

The idea for this image was Felix and Eilam trying to take Duorick out and show him how to get a girl. As Duorick is a bit awkward as said in the description, I thought it would be hilarious to put him together with the two rambunctious/flirty troublemakers.

This image is their reactions after their cat calls. Not sure if you can see this but Eilam is gesturing to the girls saying something along the lines, "That's how you do it." And Felix is nudging Duorick with his elbow saying, "Smile. They're checking us out."

lol Had fun with these guys, it was hard not to add more of the guys. Figured this relationship worked the best.

Felix (c) :iconarada:
Duroick (c) :iconbananasmash:
Eilam (c) :icondrgnspirit:
TOT: PS CS4 and Sai
Time: 8+
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Kagar Feb 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
sooo... i've commented in reverse order i think. but i want to start by saying: you have such colorful images! i really like it, and it makes it easy to identify your work! (that's not a bad thing btw) i just mean all your images seem so lively and bright. i can always imagine music with your pictures.

on to the relationship: i really like this. it's fun because i don't think felix and eilam would really hang out together all that much if it weren't for the fact that they were trying to do duo "a favor". haha and poor duo would probably go along with the whole thing because he figures that's just the hierarchy that he should follow. what i REALLY want to know is what would happen if they DID get a girl for duo! haha. maybe they can run into Lili this way XD
lol It's ok. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I've been slowly trying to create my own style. Haha, I'm glad you think so. I guess it helps that I play music usually when I draw so maybe it's expressed in my art. :XD:

Hahah, yeah you're right. They probably wouldn't really hang out unless they wanted something from each other and I think they are ok with that. lol Even with helping Duo I think they still are using the situation for themselves as well. XD Felix probably more than Eilam. LOL That will continue being unknown until we write a script for that. XD Pft. Lili and Duo? That would be funny and cute. lol
Hunter-Wolf Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha .. this really a very interesting trio ... i can see Felix and Eilam being the flirty type and dragging Duroick around to meet some girls in a club .... you portrayed that so well really specially with the poses and expressions ... nice job ^_^
Thanks! Yeah I thought it would be cute to throw someone reserved or shy in the mix. lol I'm glad you like it! Yeah, it was interesting to draw the different expressions and poses. Also Duorick was a challenge since I don't draw that type of creature/character often. He's adorable though. :D
bananasmash Jul 5, 2011   Digital Artist
LOL SKDGJOSJG DUORICK. I don't even know what he'd do if he approached a lady with romantic intentions. I can't even imagine it happening. His best effort would be to write a love note, probably. And then deliver it to them all official-like.

Also: dat disco ball. I think that is what REALLY makes this picture.
XD Well I wasn't sure either but I made sure he was definitely panicking as his reaction. Hope that's accurate for him. XD Awww lol I don't see why, he's a good-looking fellow. :D Seems like a sweetie too.

Ahahaha, thanks! Yeah my sister suggested it so I had to draw it in. XD
row Jul 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww poor Duuorick. You did hit nicely on the fact that he often keeps his head down when around others. Who knew Eilam was such a flirt. He looks so much sweeter. Maybe his cuteness acts as a nice cover for his actually very flirtatous attitude. Felix on the other hand I can see being very pushy about picking up women! Quite funny. I just realized this is a club. At first I thought they were flying in an airship at night. OMG, hahaha.
LOL Yeah, thanks! I tried to keep them in character. Heh, yeah he acts innocent but he's really devious. lol Yep, Felix definitely has his mischievous side. Yeah well it started off as a club but it can be whatever you're heart desires. XD Made it fairly generic.
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